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    The essence of BREATH Collection is the studies of ergonomics rest and thermic energy between person and mattress: WATER, GOLD, LIBERTY, SILVER, SKY, TRILOGY and PRINCE. The products of BREATH Collection are innovative able to satisfy personal customer needs always taking care of design finishing and fabrics quality. Our studies allows us to realise mattress that don’t block night humidity but facilitate the traspiration with side panels and lower panels applied in 3D.
  • PURO is the fast line of the brand Morflex materassi & cuscini is composed of the mattress FAST, ONDINA, MEMOGEL. This line was designed to provide and expand the range of mattresses Morflex taking care of the choice of the raw materials, processing, and design. We offer innovation and shapes designed to support even the most demanding traditionalists, in the choice of mattress.
  • Maintaining an unnatural position is the origin of many aches and pains. There isnt a pillow that works for everyone. You have keep attention of physical condition and age of the person to give an answer to the demands of the type of pillow is to be used to meet specific needs. Morflex offers a variety of shapes and heights in memory and latex to ensure a comfortable support and proper support of the cervical spine. The cushions provide breathable air circulation for maximum hygiene and comfort. All pillows are protected by a knit in cotton in order to prolong the product quality.
  • Water Mattress handmade
    Water Mattress handmade
  • Bed Slats Strong
    Bed Slats Strong
  • Big pillow
    Big pillow
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