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born in 2009 with the project mattresses & pillows by the desire to accept with spirit and devotion, the commitment to build the line from the night thinking internationally. Morflex, a brand that in recent years has established itself by developing a distribution selected with designers and tailors exclusively Italian, whose creative style corresponds to the characteristics of the Project Morflex.

The collections Morflex unite elegance in design and functionality. The choice of materials, carefully matched to each other and sought in every detail, have allowed us to create unique products such as mattresses for healthy Very nice mansion and contemporary. Essential forms came to life by expert hands capable of working and add more materials providing mattresses elasticity, comfort, well-being, elegance, going to the extreme border between craft and art. A range of materials and fabrics that vary in color and texture, and constant attention to Quality.

Morflex a casual and modern way, to conceive sleep and furnish the bed. Quality and attention not only to the product but also the service, through constant communication with customers, more and more sophisticated and demanding, which results in-depth research and analysis of the demands and expectations of the market. Morflex knows carve out their own space in the world of furniture Enterprises International scale, while retaining the connotation of his birth family.
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